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Escort provisions are contingent upon the dimensions of the load:

  1. Loads featuring a front overhang of 20' necessitate a Lead escort, while those with a rear 20' overhang require a Chase escort.

  2. For combinations exceeding 14' in width, 120' in length, and 16' in height, escort requirements are individually evaluated and may vary based on the specific characteristics of the load.

Arizona's regulations specify certain state routes where Lead and Chase escorts are mandated, typically for loads surpassing 12' in width, as outlined in the state's rules and regulations.

Escort vehicle requirements can vary widely from state to state, encompassing mandatory driver qualifications, training, certifications, vehicle weights, mandatory signage, flags, lighting specifications, essential onboard equipment, and other factors. The SafeGuard team is well-equipped to furnish you with comprehensive information on any additional requirements specific to your designated route.

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