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Height-Pole Car

A height pole, also called a height stick, is a tool used in pilot car services to measure the height of oversized loads. It's a long pole with markings to indicate different heights. Usually, it's mounted on the lead car. During transport, the height pole is placed in front of the load to make sure it can pass under bridges, power lines, and traffic signals without hitting them. This prevents accidents and damage to the load and surroundings. The pilot car driver uses the height pole to check clearance and find the safest route. If the load is too tall for any obstacles along the way, the team may need to work with authorities to find alternative routes or make temporary changes to ensure safe travel.

When we move tall things, we need to make sure they can fit under bridges and other structures safely. Our height pole services measure how tall things are along the route, so we can plan the best way to get your stuff where it needs to go without any problems.

Why Our Height-Pole  Cars?

  • Height pole equipment for precise measurements

  • Thorough inspection of clearance heights along the route

  • Expertise in identifying potential obstacles and planning alternate routes if necessary

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