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Escort Position

Our Services



Our chase vehicle services provide essential support for convoy transport. These vehicles closely follow the convoy, monitoring progress, communicating with lead vehicles, and providing backup support as needed. Skilled drivers and effective communication ensure seamless coordination and smooth progress along the route.



When we move tall things, we need to make sure they can fit under bridges and other structures safely. Our height pole services measure how tall things are along the route, so we can plan the best way to get your stuff where it needs to go without any problems.


Route Surveys:

Planning ahead is important when moving big things. Our route survey specialists check out the road before we start to make sure there are no surprises. They look at things like road conditions and obstacles to find the safest and easiest way for your stuff to travel.



Our lead vehicles are like the leaders of the convoy. They guide the way and set the pace for a safe journey. Our drivers are experienced, and they use advanced communication systems to make sure everyone knows where to go and how to get there safely.



Sometimes, getting big things around tight corners can be tricky. That's where our steer services come in. Our skilled drivers use special techniques and equipment to navigate through narrow or tricky areas safely, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination without any hiccup.

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Why Us?

Easy Coordination:


Just give us a call, and we'll sort out reliable Chase, Lead and Height-Pole Pilot Car Services tailored to your needs. Our team will handle all the details so you can focus on your job worry-free.

Custom Service:


We know every load is different. You can choose whether you want us to talk directly with you or your drivers. Either way, we'll make sure to provide the right level of service based on your load size.​​


If you're shipping within The United States, we've got you covered. Our experienced Pilot car drivers are ready to help you wherever you need to go.

Clear Pricing:


We believe in keeping things simple and transparent. We'll give you a clear estimate of costs for your pilot car upfront, so you can plan your budget with confidence.

Why Our Escorts?

Comprehensive Insurance:


Safety is our priority, which is why all our drivers carry a minimum of $1 million in commercial liability auto insurance. You can have peace of mind knowing your shipment is protected every step of the way.

State-Certified and Prepared:

Our Pilot Car drivers are certified in the states you need them to be, ensuring compliance with local regulations. Plus, they always come equipped with the proper gear and signage, so you never have to worry about being unprepared on the road.

Experienced and Safety-Focused:

When you choose Safeguard Pilot Cars, you're getting the expertise of some of the most experienced Pilot drivers in the industry. They're not just there to escort your oversize load – they're there to ensure it moves safely. With a keen focus on safety best practices, our pilot drivers can assist your team in navigating the road with confidence.

About Us

Welcome to SafeGuard, your trusted partner in safe and efficient transportation. As a leading pilot car company, we specialize in escorting oversized loads across the nation, ensuring that every journey is smooth, secure, and compliant with all regulations.

Our Story

Our company was founded by Tom AlSobuh, a professional with a rich background in the pilot car industry and a unique experience as a manager of a prestigious jewelry store. This blend of expertise brings a meticulous attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and a strong commitment to excellence, which are the cornerstones of our operations.

Our Team

At SafeGuard, we take pride in our dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to support your transportation needs:

Billing Department: Our efficient billing team ensures that all financial transactions are handled promptly and accurately, providing you with transparent and hassle-free service.

Dispatch Team: Our dispatchers are the backbone of our operations, coordinating logistics to ensure that every escort vehicle is where it needs to be, precisely when it needs to be there.

Sales Team: Our knowledgeable sales team is here to understand your specific requirements and offer tailored solutions that meet your needs, helping you plan your transports with confidence.

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