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Escort Requirements:

On interstate:

  • Width over 16'6": 1 escort (Chase).

  • Length over 120': 1 escort (Chase).

On 2-lane roads:

  • Width over 12'6" up to 16'6": 1 escort (Lead).

  • Width over 16'6": 2 escorts (Lead and Chase).

  • Length over 110': 1 escort (Chase).

Escort vehicle requirements can vary widely from state to state, encompassing mandatory driver qualifications, training, certifications, vehicle weights, mandatory signage, flags, lighting specifications, essential onboard equipment, and other factors. The SafeGuard team is well-equipped to furnish you with comprehensive information on any additional requirements specific to your designated route.



Department of Transportation
Motor Carrier Services Division
P.O. Box 4639
2701 Prospect Avenue
Helena, MT 59604-4639
Permitting: (406) 444-7262

Hours of Business

Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM (Mountain time)

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