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Rhode Island

Escort Requirements:

When Escorts are Needed and # of Escorts Required:

  • Width greater than 11'11" and/or length between 80' to 95' requires 1 escort (Chase).

  • Width over 13’5” and/or length over 95' requires 2 escorts (Lead and Chase).

  • Height over 13’11" requires 1 escort where best utilized.

  • Overhang of 15’ or more requires 1 escort (Chase).

  • Police escorts are assigned on a case-by-case basis.

Super Loads:

No stated minimum for super loads. Each trip is reviewed individually to determine whether it is a super load or not, depending on routes, etc.

Escort vehicle requirements can vary widely from state to state, encompassing mandatory driver qualifications, training, certifications, vehicle weights, mandatory signage, flags, lighting specifications, essential onboard equipment, and other factors. The SafeGuard team is well-equipped to furnish you with comprehensive information on any additional requirements specific to your designated route.


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State of Rhode Island
Department of Transportation
Oversize / Overweight
2 Capitol Hill
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
PHONE: (401) 462-4368

Hours of Business

Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 3:30 PM (Eastern time)

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