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Escort requirements are contingent upon the dimensions of the load:

  • Length over 75' up to 100': 1 Chase with amber light.

  • Length over 100' up to 125': 1 Chase.

  • Length over 125': 2 escorts (Lead and Chase).

  • Height of 15'6" or more: 1 Height-Pole.

  • Width over 12' up to 14'8":

  • 2 escorts (Lead and Chase) on a 2-lane road.

  • 1 Rear only on a 4-lane road.

  • 1 Rear/Amber lights only on a Limited Access Highway.

  • Width over 14'8" up to 16":

  • Lead and Chase on a 2-lane highway.

  • 1 Chase on a Limited Access Highway or Interstate.

  • Width over 16' or not defined above:

  • Department determines escort requirements on a case-by-case basis.

SUPER LOADS: Loads with a width or height greater than 16' or a weight between 150,001 to 180,000 lbs are considered super loads and may take 3 days for approval and issuance of a permit.

Loads with a weight greater than 180,000 lbs are considered superload plus, require a bridge analysis, and may take up to 3 weeks for approval and issuance of a permit.

Escort vehicle requirements can vary widely from state to state, encompassing mandatory driver qualifications, training, certifications, vehicle weights, mandatory signage, flags, lighting specifications, essential onboard equipment, and other factors. The SafeGuard team is well-equipped to furnish you with comprehensive information on any additional requirements specific to your designated route.


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Georgia Department of Public Safety
Oversize Permit Unit
P.O. Box 1456
Atlanta, GA 30371

Phone: (844) 837-5500
Phone Oversize: (404) 635-8176
Phone Single Trip: (844) 837-5500
Fax: (575) 353-7732

Hours of Business

Annual Permits 8:00AM–4:00PM | Permit Line 7:00AM–4:45PM | Customer Service 7:00 AM-4:45 PM

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