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Escort Requirements

  • Width exceeding 13' up to 14'6" requires 1 escort (Lead on a 2-lane highway and Chase on a multiple-lane highway).

  • Width over 14'6" requires 2 escorts (Lead and Chase).

  • Overall length exceeding 90 feet requires 1 escort (Chase).

  • Overall height exceeding 14'6" requires 1 Height-Pole.

  • Overall width exceeding 14'6" up to 14'10" requires 1 escort (Height-Pole).

  • Overall height exceeding 14'10" requires 2 escorts (Height-Pole and Chase).

  • If more than one condition above requiring only one escort is met (e.g., a load exceeding 13’ in width and 90’ in length), then two escorts are required (Lead and Chase).

State Police Escorts:

  • In addition to the private escorts mentioned above, a law enforcement escort is required on any vehicle or vehicle/load with an overall width in excess of 16' or any time when, in the opinion of the Department, movement may result in the high probability of delay or hazard to the traveling public or damage to highway or street facilities.

Super Loads:

  • In Ohio, a super load is any vehicle and load combination exceeding the following:

  • WIDTH: 14’

  • HEIGHT: 14’6”

  • WEIGHT: 120,000 lbs.

LENGTH: Depends on routes

Escort vehicle requirements can vary widely from state to state, encompassing mandatory driver qualifications, training, certifications, vehicle weights, mandatory signage, flags, lighting specifications, essential onboard equipment, and other factors. The SafeGuard team is well-equipped to furnish you with comprehensive information on any additional requirements specific to your designated route.

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Department of Transportation
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PHONE: (614) 351-2300

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